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The Board of SARD
The board comprises 10 elected members and they meet at regular intervals at least four times a year. The board members come from diverse backgrounds and they share a common desire to help the disadvantaged communities of society and to engage these deprived sections in mainstream development processes. The board aims to improve opportunities for communities, in life and to enable them to realize their full human potential. The board members have expert knowledge in SARD’s program areas (e.g. education, health and livelihood). They offer SARD the benefit of their skills in different areas. One of the founding board members, Mr. Sudhir Bhatnagar, serves as SARD’s CEO.

The board plays a vital role in organizational management, recruitment of key program personnel, and provides suggestions and guidance. Also, it meets with staff and interacts with stakeholders to learn their views and needs in order to help the organization’s management to plan appropriately and effectively. The board believes that stakeholder participation plays a critical role in ensuring organizational transparency and accountability.
Board Members
  Mr. S.C. Goyal
Mr. S.C. Goyal is the President of the board of SARD. Presently he is working as Secretary General of T.B. Association of India and he has also worked as the Dy. Secretary of the Indian Red Cross Society and as Deputy Commissioner of St. John Ambulance Brigade, Delhi for the last 4 decades.
  Mr. Manoj Sachdeva
Mr. Manoj Sachdeva is the Patron of SARD. He is engaged in business promotion activities and has worked in a financial institution of the Govt. of India for the last two decades.
  Mr. Sudhir Bhatnagar
Mr. Sudhir Bhatnagar is the General Secretary of the Board of SARD. He began his career with the Indian Red Cross, where he worked for 11 years in the areas of training, relief, medical aid and disaster management. Subsequently, he worked at WAFD for 3 years as Programme Officer in Bharatpur District (Rajasthan), where he became familiar with the development needs of rural populations in the District. In addition to his professional qualifications, he holds the honorary position of Assistant District Commissioner with the All India Boy Scout Association. Since years he is working as the CEO of SARD.
  Mr. M. M. Gupta
Mr. M. M. Gupta is the First Vice President of SARD. He works as a Sr. Executive in Delhi’s Power Sector. He has been associated with a couple of voluntary organizations such as St. John’s Ambulance, the Delhi T.B. Association, and Civil Defence and Home Guards for more than three decades.
  Mr. J.R.Kashyap
Mr. J.R.Kashyap is the Board’s Hony. Treasurer. He is the Founding Director of Rainbow English Schools, which has five branches in Delhi and Himachal Pradesh. He holds a PhD in Child Psychology.
  Mr. R.Narendhar
Mr. R.Narendhar is the Second Vice-President. He has been working for more than fifteen years in a Donor agency known Foundation for Rural Recovery and Development (FORRAD), which supports more than 400 non-govt. organisations in India. His is specialized in grant making, Natural Resource Management, Rural livelihoods, Networking, capacity building and programme design & development.

  Mr. Rajeev Sharma
Mr. Rajeev Sharma is one of the Boards Members. He worked as a Programme Officer (Education) with SIDH (Mussoorie) and as a Research Fellow for Vigyan Prasar (a unit of Science and Technology, Govt. of India). Currently, he is a Lecturer in Bachelor of Elementary Education at Jesus and Mary College (Delhi University) while he pursues a PhD at JNU.
  Dr. J.P.Chaudhary
Dr. J.P.Chaudhary is another Member of the Board. He is a doctor who has been associated with many voluntary organizations. His major contribution is to associate with a Medical relief Gas Victim Project at Bhopal by Indian Red Cross Society.
  Mr. Tapan Daripa
Mr. Tapan Daripa is another Board Member. He worked for more than two decades as a Program Coordinator for Gram Niyojan Kendra, where he assisted sex workers. Currently, he works with CARE Rajasthan as Capacity Building Officer in their INHP-Chayan Programme.
  Ms. Savita Gokhale
Ms. Savita Gokhale is the last of the ten board members and has been associated with number of voluntary organization in different capacities and holds currently the position of the chairman of Earth care Foundation.