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SARD is a non-profit organization aimed at increasing the participation of minorities and disadvantaged communities in mainstream development processes. Sard’s goal is to empower these groups, particularly women and adolescent girls, by improving their access to quality education and health services; providing vocational training; introducing micro-credit schemes; and promoting environmentally sustainable income generating activities.
Sard’s thrust is to build the organizational and leadership capacities of its stakeholders. SARD takes a holistic and integrated approach to development that favours the sustainability of its programs by providing people access to tools, training and structures they need.
Bansi Paharpur is an area of stone mines with primary livelihood of mining, an area where males are forced..
A mega-city of India, in which slums, resettlement colonies coexist with other historic structures. The health..
An industrial town where workers constitute majority of the population, which largely consists of igrants..